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Post by Guest on Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:27 pm

Character's Name: Rena Hinamura

Rena Hinamura (second character) WinryRockbell2-1

Character's Race: Human
Character's Gender: Female
Character's starting planet: Earth
How did you find us?: Returning Member
Sample RP, 200-300 words long (Can be a old RP): Running- it was the only thing she could do at this moment. They were on her heels, the shadowy creatures who only brought despair... Heartless. "Ah-" A contorted sound escaped her lips as she feel to her knees tripping as she tried running.


She tried getting up, her feet felt weak as did her arms, it hurt!

"Kairi Please!"

A shallow breath escaped the redhead's lips as she stood up wobbly. However her small success was not warranted with any form of good will. A stray Shadow Heartless had found her as it's inky claws scratched into her back. "Ah!" Following forward she found herself vulnerable once more- like always...



She blinked trying to think clearly, the scent of her own blood wafted through her senses as she tried to gain semblence of what was happening. The heartless began to beckon for others to swarm their prey...

"Kairi! Use the Keyblade!"

The Princess of heart gave a frown as she winced in pain.

"How? I only did it once and even then...."

It was true the only reason she had a keyblade was because of her friend Riku- was she even capable of forming one? Well, there was no time like the present...

Outstretching her right arm she tried thinking of the keyblade, the one Sora wielded.. The Kingdom Key... Small lights began to gather around her arm the light began to solidify before it took the form of a key shape however....

It burst into particles as soon as it began to take form.

The Princess slumped her will fading quickly, it failed and- and now she was defenseless! At least running gave her some safety! But now! The heartless lunged as Kairi shut her eyes and gasped awaiting her death.


A sound...


Of a blade?

"Back off!"

A Voice...

"You won't hurt her!"


Opening her blurred eyes she gasped again but not in pain- it was... it was! "SORA!"

Sora turned to the downed girl before smiling his confident smile his voice reassuring. "It'll be okay Kairi! These little guys won't hurt you! I promise!"

Kairi couldn't help but smile a stray tear left her eye as she nodded once. Trying to sit up she winced as she watched the Keyblade Master fight the Shadows.

Though Kairi couldn't help but feel bad... It failed, she couldn't form a weapon... It hurt... Was all she good for was to be a hindrance?

"I don't want that...."

"I don't want to be weak..."

"I-I... I want to fight... For my friends! For me..."

Kairi looked downtrodden as she store at the battle, Sora was making quick work of the shadows however much to Kairi's fear more bigger heartless were appearing! "SORA! LOOK OUT!" She cried as she pointed to the Neo Shadows appearing now. "Wha?" Sora who was distracted by the small fries didn't notice the newer Heartless approaching. That was when she acted. She didn't know how or why, she just did!

Before she she knew it she was up and sprinting! The blood still soaked her back and arm, however she wouldn't let that deter her! Her vision was blurry but that wouldn't stop her either! Putting her arm back her hands in the form as though grasping something she yelled and swung.


The Keyblade...

Use the Keyblade...


A burst of light formed in her hands as she swung, the heartless was wounded and jumped back missing it's arm! Kairi huffed and puffed her eyes glaring as she fell down onto the ground keyblade now gone.

She could barely hear the sounds of Sora calling for her, and he sounds of Riku who had just shown up to aide them- all she could think of was of how she had done it.. She wasn't weak! She- could fight! For everyone! She would not be the damsel in distress anymore!

'I.. Did it....'

She could of sworn she heard her Other's smiling voice, a proud voice.

'I knew you could... You just had to try...'

Kairi would wake up the following later hours at night bandages wrapped around her back and her arm as her friends crowded her, She would be confused but happy she was alive and she would smile.

She had done it. She had fought even if it was just a little.

That was good enough for her.

Character's Biography (optional): (Will add later)


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Post by Taku on Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:43 pm

Oooo nice, Kingdom Hearts RP, this should be interesting. Your In.

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Post by Krillin on Sun Feb 21, 2010 5:57 pm

Far King HFIL, FMA Winry in appearance, with a KH Kairi RP ... YOU PASS!

Wiki is above, you still need to register on there and apply to be a writer >>;

Rena Hinamura (second character) KrillinSig
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