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Canon Character Template

Post by Buruma on Sun Feb 14, 2010 6:12 pm

Do your application as a Guest, we will then review your application. Once you're approved you can register on the forums. A admin will have to approve the registration.

We're more picky about who we let role-play the canon character's from the show. We do need a role-play example from you for this application. Please write one using the character you want to apply for... and in the following format.

1. We prefer you use 3rd person just as a standard so that everyone can understand what the heck you're saying. However we will not be humping this rule to death.
-And example of third person is: She cried and glanced over into the horizon waiting for her lovers return.
**Note how it was past tense. Cried instead of crys.
2. Please be at least 200-300 words in your example. Its not too hard, you can do it. Razz
3. Remember to do the example for the character you wish to apply for. We want to see if you have a firm grasp on the concept of your character. Feel free to add a few twists here and there, but try to remain true to who the character was meant to be.

And now once you've understood the role-play example rules please copy and paste the following template into a new thread under the joining forum.

You can find all of the site content on the right hand navigation. Feel free to ask the staff questions if need be as well.

Character name:
Character age:
Character race:
Character starting job: Pick one of the following...
Farmer - Farms the various planets and lives a rather peaceful life. They don't fight and take it easy most of the time. After four weeks of farming, a farmer will recieve a Bag of Senzu Beans.
Rewards: 400 Zenny, +10 Dexterity

Corporate Employment - A comfy office job, these employers range from scientists, to secretaries, to lawyers, to more white-collared living.
Rewards: 400 Zenny, +10 Intelligence

Erand Sprinter - Running back and forth, you are given multiple tasks that involve high speed running to complete.
Rewards: 400 Zeni, +10 Speed

Protector - Fighters that have come to respect life and sanctity, these fighters believe in upholding the laws and order. They are highly rewarded by the planet for their services.
Rewards: 400 Zeni, +10 Endurance

Rogue Fighters - From mercenaries to hired muscle, these fighters are the typical problems for planets universally. These few usually have no regard for what is right and wrong.
Rewards: +400 Zeni +10 Ki
Starting planet:
How did you find us:
Why do you want this character, and why do you think you deserve him/her?
Role-play Example: 200-300 words long. (Can be a old RP)

Thanks, a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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