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Naruto Saigen RP -- LB

Post by Saigen on Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:19 pm

If you're looking for a great Naruto RP complete with a welcoming community, helpful staff and an abundance of exciting in-character possibilities, then you'll need to look no longer: Naruto Saigen RP is just the fit. Jump straight into the action as your very own custom made shinobi and experience firsthand what it means to be apart of something great. With the flexibility of being able to create your own jutsu, clans, weapons and techniques; being apart of one of the five great Shinobi Villages or even becoming a rogue ninja, you'll notice right away that NSRP offers everything you've ever expected on a Naruto RP and more. The forums are enjoying a lively surge of activity and embrace new members with open arms. Don't wait any longer before joining and becoming a part of what is now being considered one of the premiere RP'ing forums of the decade, register now!


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Re: Naruto Saigen RP -- LB

Post by Buruma on Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:22 pm

Thanks for advertising with us. Very Happy
-On a side note if you guys (as in members or community floaters) are into Naruto that is probably THE best one I've seen out there.
A+ Site.



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